Scratch Second Lesson

Make sure you have Lesson 1 handed in. Today we will be doing lesson 2 on the topics below in Scratch. At the end of the class, be sure to email me the link to your Lesson 2 project (

Your Lesson 2 Scratch project must include:

  • show and hide
  • go and glide feature
  • repetition block (repeat until, forever)
  • If block (if on edge bounce)
  • Follow the mouse feature
  • 2 sprites, and broadcasting feature

On Fri, we will finish our 3rd tutorial on a few math stuff and how to use the pen, and input. We will also look at a couple of different kind of projects in scratch (a game, and an animation/story). You should continue looking at sample projects and start deciding what kind of project you will create for your project for this unit.


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