Starting Photoshop, the basics

Today we will be starting graphic design using photoshop.

You will need to download the following 3 files for the mini-lesson:

Planet Earth picture

Spaceship in PNG format

Spaceship in JPEG format

Today we will be talking about:

  • canvas size
  • file types

There will also be a new way to hand in your work (no longer through email). Follow the steps below to submit your finished .PSD file:


  1. Open finder
  2. click on “GO” menu
  3. click on “connect to server”
  4. type in “smb://”
  5. click on the “+” to save it in the list
  6. double click on it to open it up
  7. Choose ICT Block H
  8. Copy your folder into the window
  9. Your Done!

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