Bad Luck Photo assignment

If you look on the internet you will most likely have come across a picture showing some kind of pending disaster, a cat about to get hit by a ball, or a family photo with an animal about to pounce, etc… The majority of these pictures are FAKE, and have been photoshopped.

Your assignment is to create one of these photoshopped pictures, but ONLY SCHOOL APPROPRIATE PHOTOS please.

Step1: choose a new file with 1600×1200 pixels canvas size with 72dpi.

Step2: find a good large (bigger than 1600×1200) background picture to work from. Maybe a beach background, or a school background, nothing too busy.

Step3: Add a minimum of 4 extra picture elements. A family. An animal. A ball. Etc… Remember to try to keep your picture as realistic as possible.

When done, hand in your a .PSD and a .JPG version of your final file, along with all the original pictures you used in a folder, into the dropbox.

The assignment is due end of class Thu Oct 27.



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