30 Second PMSS announcement assignment

Create a 30-second PMSS announcement radio spot with music & sound effects. Since it is the holiday season, you get bonus points if you make yours with a festive theme (ie. christmas songs, christmas effects). You can either make up your announcement for:

  • a school event (ie, spirit week, concert, club announcement)
  • an upcoming game or sporting event at the school.

Remember, you can make up an event or game, etc.. for this announcement. And you can embellish it to make it sound better. Obviously, your announcement must be school appropriate, no swearing and inappropriate content, please discuss with Mr. Chu if you are not sure.

Your announcement must include:

  • a script (printed out and shown to instructor prior to using microphone).
  • vocal track(s) (create your own original script and read it).
  • minimum 5 track theme song in the background created by YOU (must, at least, be at start & end… if this runs throughout, adjust volume accordingly).
  • 4+ special effects (lots of loops in Garageband and/or Free-loops.com…use relevant ones for your specific announcements).

Things to consider:

Make this like a professional sound track. Don’t just plop down a sound every few seconds. Ensure that you can actually hear all the different elements that you worked so hard to get into your announcement…most important, though, is the VOICEOVER…we MUST understand what you are saying!

Please be sure to submit your MP3 file in a properly named folder (ie, lastname-announcement). Script in PDF or MS Word must be submitted as well.


Assignment, Make a Song with Loops

For the next 2 classes you will be composing a song consisting of Loops in GarageBand (Please bring headphones). GarageBand makes it easy to combine existing loops into a song. Requirements:
– You need to find at least 3 unique apple loops to use (could be piano, guitar, and drum beats)
– And include at least 1 loop that you have downloaded from somewhere else to use (maybe free-loops.com or youtube)
– And include at least 1 loop that you have composed yourself using the keyboard piano
– Experiment with the effects and modify at least 2 of your loops applying different effects.
– Your song needs to be at least 1 minute (60 seconds).
– You have to show fade in and fade out of the music.
– Include a paragraph explaining what loops you used and where in the song you used them, and what effects you used and where in the song you used them.
– Must be exported in .mp3 format
This assignment is due Fri Dec 9.
To hand in, copy your .mp3 file and your word paragraph into a folder and drop it in the appropriate folder on the server.