ICT courses for next year

In advance of course selection in the coming weeks, I’ll quickly explain the following ICT courses we are offering next year:

ICT: Computer Information Systems 11 (MICTS11)
Computer Information Systems 11 is an introductory course into the functions of a computer and computer programming. This “hands on”course will teach students to use current software and hardware to develop skills in computer programming. Successful completion of this course will lead to the advanced Computer Information Systems 12 course where students have a choice in what projects they wish to pursue in computer programming.
Visual Arts: Media Arts 11 (MVAMT11)
Media Arts 11 is an introductory course in digital 2D drawing and 3D animation. This “hands on” course will teach students to use current software to develop skills in drawing, character development and modeling, storyboarding, and animation development. No drawing or art experience is necessary. Successful completion of this course will permit students to take the advanced Computer Information Systems 12 course where students will have a choice in what projects they wish to pursue in digital art and animation.
BA Digital Video & Animation (YCAIS1A-DV)
Digital Video & Animation is an intermediate course on the use of various digital platforms. This “hands on” course will teach students to use current software to develop projects in graphics, digital audio, digital video, and web development. Successful completion of this course will permit students to take the advanced Computer Information Systems 12 course where students will have a choice in what projects they wish to pursue in digital media.
ICT: Computer Information Systems 12 (MICTS12)
Computer Information Systems 12 is an advanced level “hands on“ course. As a prerequisite, students must successfully pass either MICTS11 (Computer Information Systems 11), YCAIS1A-DV (BA Digital Video & Animation), or MVAMT11 (Visual Arts: Media Arts 11). Students will embark on larger in-depth projects in one of the three main topic areas: Computer programming, Digital Media, or Digital Animation.

Setting up a film scene

Please take a look at this sheet to see how a film scene is setup:


Your assignment is to search through the Internet (ie. Youtube) to find examples (pictures and or video) of the following kinds of shots:

• Establishing shot
• Reaction shot
• Medium shot
• Close Up shot
• Wide shot
Remove all audio and edit these out and place them in to the timeline in iMovie making sure you label each shot.
This assignment is due Thu Feb 2

Operating the Camera, greenscreen activity

Today’s activity will get you some experience using the digital camcorder. We will go over how to use the camera, then how to import the footage onto the computer. We will work in groups of 2 -4, and we have 2 camera setups. We will test out a live greenscreen with someone in your group pretending to do a weather forecast or flying through the air, or dancing, etc…

Since we only have 2 camera setups, we will have a signup on the board and groups will have to go one at time.

Steps for the Activity:

  • one or more people in your group can be filmed for max 5 secs, doing some kind of pose (flying, or dancing, or pretending to do a weather forecast, etc..) with the greenscreen in the backgound.
  • import the video from the SD card (then give your SD card to the next group to film)
  • find some picture background (try to find a large file to use) or background video footage. Think either nature, or a weather forecast background.
  • using iMovie combine the 2 elements together
  • add some appropriate background music and or sound effects

Hand in your assignment to the server. Everyone needs to hand in an assignment, but not everyone needs to be in the video. In other words, you can share the video that you took in order to complete your video.

iMovie Greenscreening

Today, we will be experimenting with a couple of different green screen techniques and we will creating a UFO video with a custom animated text intro. Download the following files:

Feel free to explore more greenscreens at the youtube channel below and play with it some more before submitting your completed file on the server.


You can use the site below to download the greenscreens in .mp4 format:


Tutorial Basic iMovie Edits

Today we will be going over some basic video editing in iMovie. Please download the following pictures and 2 videos which we will be using for our demonstration:


Here is a summary of what we will be going over:

  • pan and zoom, the ken burns effect
  • brightness/contrast/colour adjustment
  • video effects filters
  • clip trimming
  • adjustment of speed
  • shaky camera fix


At the end of class, you will submit your finished assignment to the submission folder on the server.

EasyCTF competition

Ever wonder what the heck cybersecurity is, especially about the latest headlines surrounding Russia and the US? Want to learn more about computers, programming, and security?

The best way to learn is to learn by doing. There is an annual cybersecurity competition for high school students called EasyCTF.


Students interested in participating, can join me Thursdays at lunch as we practice past competitions. Then on Feb 27 – Mar 10, we can sign up team(s) to compete in the annual competition.

No experience is required!

Digital Video Day 1

For today, I will go over a short tutorial on how to get started fast with iMovie. You can create a movie really fast without needing to do very much. We will be using pictures and video taken by our yearbook class as well as myself. Then you will be combining them together with audio that you put together yourself in Garageband, to create a simple slideshow video.

I have put together a resources for you to pull from. Please go to the server and copy the folder labeled “DOWNLOAD”. It contains video and pictures from the Winter Spirit week this past December


The requirements for your slideshow are:

– minimum 45 seconds in length
– minimum 1 video clip
– minimum 5 pictures
– add your own .mp3 soundtrack that you have created in Garageband
– must have a title page
– must have transitions between each clip and picture
– must have a credits page at the end with your name as the creator

The assignment is due Tue Jan 17, that is a full 3 classes to finish the assignment.