Assignment, Adding soundtracks to movie clips

For your final assignment in Garageband, you will use Garageband to add an appropriate soundtrack to a pre-existing movie clip.


  • You will need to do a soundtrack for a movie clip, with a minimum 30 second duration.
  • Search for and choose a movie clip online (Clips can be found at )
  • Use the youtube to mp3 converter to grab the audio from your video clip as a starting point.
  • You will need to add a minimum of EIGHT APPROPRIATE sound effects, and a music track that fits the scene.
  • The music DOES NOT have to extend the entire length of the clip.
  • Each sound must be in it’s own track. All tracks must have the volume adjusted to create a “pleasant” listening effect.
  • Please include the original video clip and a paragraph explaining exactly what clips and what effects you used to create the soundtrack

Export your file and hand in to the server as per usual.


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