Digital Video Day 1

For today, I will go over a short tutorial on how to get started fast with iMovie. You can create a movie really fast without needing to do very much. We will be using pictures and video taken by our yearbook class as well as myself. Then you will be combining them together with audio that you put together yourself in Garageband, to create a simple slideshow video.

I have put together a resources for you to pull from. Please go to the server and copy the folder labeled “DOWNLOAD”. It contains video and pictures from the Winter Spirit week this past December


The requirements for your slideshow are:

– minimum 45 seconds in length
– minimum 1 video clip
– minimum 5 pictures
– add your own .mp3 soundtrack that you have created in Garageband
– must have a title page
– must have transitions between each clip and picture
– must have a credits page at the end with your name as the creator

The assignment is due Tue Jan 17, that is a full 3 classes to finish the assignment.


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