Operating the Camera, greenscreen activity

Today’s activity will get you some experience using the digital camcorder. We will go over how to use the camera, then how to import the footage onto the computer. We will work in groups of 2 -4, and we have 2 camera setups. We will test out a live greenscreen with someone in your group pretending to do a weather forecast or flying through the air, or dancing, etc…

Since we only have 2 camera setups, we will have a signup on the board and groups will have to go one at time.

Steps for the Activity:

  • one or more people in your group can be filmed for max 5 secs, doing some kind of pose (flying, or dancing, or pretending to do a weather forecast, etc..) with the greenscreen in the backgound.
  • import the video from the SD card (then give your SD card to the next group to film)
  • find some picture background (try to find a large file to use) or background video footage. Think either nature, or a weather forecast background.
  • using iMovie combine the 2 elements together
  • add some appropriate background music and or sound effects

Hand in your assignment to the server. Everyone needs to hand in an assignment, but not everyone needs to be in the video. In other words, you can share the video that you took in order to complete your video.


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