Adobe Muse Site Layout and Template, Day 1

Welcome to web development day 1. We will go over the following in Adobe Muse:

  • layout of a basic site
  • building a template

Please go to the server that you use to hand in work and download the folder labeled “dw-images”.

The test site that we will use can be seen here:

Save your .Muse file from the lesson, and submit it to the server at the end of the class.


Flash Reflection Paragraph

As you are close to finishing your 2 main projects in Flash, please complete a reflection paragraph about your experience doing 2D animation in Flash. You can write in point form using the following questions to guide you:

  • What was the most rewarding part of working on your 2D flash animations?
  • Describe what did you learnt the most while doing 2D flash animations?
  • Describe one problem that you encountered in doing your 2D flash animations and how you solved it?
  • After completing your 2D animations in Flash, is there anything in 2D animation or in Flash that you want to learn more about?

Animated Motion Logo

Your assignment is to create a motion logo to represent yourself.

Create your motion logo with the following MINIMUM essentials in mind:
1. Text and imagery are required. Must be easy to read from distance.
2. Size should be 1920×1080.
3. Animation should last for no less than 7 seconds, and no longer than 10 seconds.
4. Need at least ONE sound (music or effect)…if it is music, it must be created by you.
5. Need a “final frame”, suitable for printed material.
Do not copy an existing logo, you need to utilize your own design elements. Submit both your .FLA file and the exported .SWF video file. The assignment is due on Thu Apr 27.

2D Animation Terminology

Today, I will go over a quick lecture on animation terminology basics,

Please create a new document in either MS Word or Google Docs and copy/paste the questions below. Using the link above, answer the questions, then hand them into the server.

How is 2D animation defined?

Explain how contemporary 2D animation has changed since the early days of 1915?

Please define a “walk cycle”

What is the term for over-exaggerated movements meant to highlight the elasticity of the characters body?