Create a Product or Company Website

Your assignment is to develop a website for a product or company. The product or company could be real or imaginary. Try to be as creative as possible

Step 1: Think of a product or company that you would like to create a website for. Examples could be:

  • video game company or brand, car company or brand, athletic wear or brand, restaurant, clothing

Step2: Come up with a site layout of a minimum of 5 pages that will make up your menu of your site (eg. home, about, product, services, contact)

Step3: Design your A-master template. Your template must include:

  • a custom banner image that is a minimum of 468×60. Must be a custom photoshopped by you to include the name of the product or company
  • a horizontal menu that has rollovers that change color, with at least 5 pages
  • custom background color or tiled image
  • footer, that includes custom background color, and a copyright textbox

Step4: Design the rest of your pages. You must include:

  • Using Flash, create a small animation to appear somewhere on your website
  • a lightbox slideshow widget somewhere on your website (most likely on the front page)
  • a news item widget somewhere on your website (most likely on the front page)
  • A form and a google map widget
  • A youtube video widget

When done, you will publish, and submit your .muse file along with all of the published files to the server in a folder that has your name. This assignment is due on Tue May 30.


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