Year-end Assessment Activity

Using iMovie, you will be putting together a slideshow featuring your best 3 projects from this past school year.

Step 1: Gather all the work that you have done this year. You should have already done this as part of your website portfolio assignment. Find out if you need to take pictures of your hand-drawn work with a camera, or take screenshots of assignments, or final rendered animation.

To take a screenshot on the iMacs, use Shift-Command-4, follow the instructions here:

Step 2: Create a new project in iMovie and add all of your items to the timeline. Add transition title pages that accurately describe each project in a few words. Your final movie should be a minimum of 30 secs.

Step 3: Add background music to your project

When done, render your final video and hand it to the server as usual.

This assignment will be worth 20% of your term 3 mark.


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