Examples of Product Websites

Please take a look at what some of your classmates have done for their websites, very well done overall:


Portfolio Website

Using Adobe Muse, you are to create a portfolio website that will feature all of the work that you have created so far this year.

Step 1: Gather all the work that you have done this year. Find out if you need to take screenshots of assignments, your you can embed them into the website.

To take a screenshot on the iMacs, use Shift-Command-4, follow the instructions here:


  • Scratch, you will need to take screenshots, save them as .JPG
  • Photoshop, make sure you save them as .JPG
  • Garageband, you will need to upload the .MP3 files, and then create links so that users can click/download them
  • iMovie, you will need to take screenshots, save them as .JPG
  • Flash, you can either use “Place” to embed them, or you can upload them, and then link them on your website so that users can click/download them
  • Web design, you will need to take screenshots of your Adobe Muse website for the company or product, save them as .JPG

Step 2: You will need to create a site layout. You will need a front page and 4 more pages (about me, graphic design, audio-video, animation). For each of the sections, you will need to create a separate page that shows each project.

Step 3: Design your A-master template. You must have a custom banner, a background, and a horizontal menu.

When done, you will submit your published website as a folder, along with the .Muse file by Fri June 16.


Create a Product or Company Website

Your assignment is to develop a website for a product or company. The product or company could be real or imaginary. Try to be as creative as possible

Step 1: Think of a product or company that you would like to create a website for. Examples could be:

  • video game company or brand, car company or brand, athletic wear or brand, restaurant, clothing

Step2: Come up with a site layout of a minimum of 5 pages that will make up your menu of your site (eg. home, about, product, services, contact)

Step3: Design your A-master template. Your template must include:

  • a custom banner image that is a minimum of 468×60. Must be a custom photoshopped by you to include the name of the product or company
  • a horizontal menu that has rollovers that change color, with at least 5 pages
  • custom background color or tiled image
  • footer, that includes custom background color, and a copyright textbox

Step4: Design the rest of your pages. You must include:

  • Using Flash, create a small animation to appear somewhere on your website
  • a lightbox slideshow widget somewhere on your website (most likely on the front page)
  • a news item widget somewhere on your website┬á(most likely on the front page)
  • A form and a google map widget
  • A youtube video widget

When done, you will publish, and submit your .muse file along with all of the published files to the server in a folder that has your name. This assignment is due on Tue May 30.

Muse Day 3, advanced widgets

We are almost done our pizza site. Today we will:

  • build the contact us form in the contact us page
  • add a .swf flash animation for our menu page
  • add a thumbnail pop out slideshow for the parties page from the widget library
  • build the basic slideshow for the front page using a lightbox from widget library
  • link up to the menu, when clicking on lightbox
  • build the news item for the front page from widget library
  • publish and test your website on a live server

As usual, send your .muse but also your full published website folder to the server.

Menu copy-paste

Our Menu

Favorites * Pasta

Extra Cheese

Green Chiles


Green Pepper







Black Olives


Canadian Bacon





Paper thin (thin and crispy)

Traditional yummy (hand tossed)

Thick as the dickens (deep)

Stuffed to the gills (stuffed–crust on top and bottom)


SPINACH & MUSHROOM – Pat’s “Pride and Joy”

A blend of cheeses, special spices, fresh spinach and mushrooms.


Baked chicken breast, mushrooms, and a fresh basil, garlic, tomato sauce with mozzarella cheese.


Baked chicken breast and fresh spinach with part skim mozzarella on a wheat crust.


Mexican style chorizo sausage topped with jack cheese and diced green chiles.


The works – Sausage, cheese, green pepper, ham, pepperoni, mushrooms.


Pat’s blend of fresh spinach and spices.


Seasoned ground beef topped with cheddar cheese, black olives, tomatoes, lettuce & mild ortega’s.

Served with sour cream & salsa.



Boneless breast of chicken covered with a rich creamy cheese sauce served over your choice of

Spaghetti, Mostaccioli or Fettuccini pasta.


Boneless breast of chicken baked mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce served over your choice of

Spaghetti, Mostaccioli or Fettuccini pasta.


Noodles topped with our own marinara sauce or ground beef meat sauce.


Freshly baked pasta, filled with layers of ground beef, Ricotta, Parmesan & Mozzarella cheese, topped

with your choice of Marinara sauce or ground beef meat sauce.


Freshly cooked Fettuccini pasta smothered in our own creamy Alfredo sauce and Parmesan cheese.

Adobe Muse Site Layout and Template, Day 1

Welcome to web development day 1. We will go over the following in Adobe Muse:

  • layout of a basic site
  • building a template

Please go to the server that you use to hand in work and download the folder labeled “dw-images”.

The test site that we will use can be seen here:

Save your .Muse file from the lesson, and submit it to the server at the end of the class.